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Friday, April 15, 2016

Sanaya Sahib murdered by her mother

Sydney is in shock over the death of Sanaya Sahib.  Her mother said a black man, smelling of alcohol, snatched the baby out of the pram and ran off with her in a Sydney park.

Everyone thought the worst until the toddler's mother finally admitted that there was no black man in the park, she was the one who had killed her little girl.  Her body was found in Darebin Creek on Sunday morning.

Sameer Sahib

Sanaya's father Sameer Sahib, who has been separated from his wife for twelve months, had not seen his daughter since November 2015 and last week, his wife called him and suggested he spend some time with his little girl because he hadn't seen her for a while.

And when he saw them the next day, he said mother and child were "bubbly" and happy and he had no concerns whatsoever about his wife's mental state.

Pictures and a video of the mother and child laughing and cuddling each other defies logic.

It was revealed after Sanaya's death that paramedics had treated her for a 'seizure' at her family's home a week before she died and the family was known to Department of Human Services.

We know that fathers can kill their children but when a mother murders her own child, it's gut wrenching and goes against everything we know about motherhood.

So what happened?

Was she totally friendless and had no one to confide in?  Was she isolated from her family?  Does she have post-natal depression?  Why didn't she hand over the child to the father?  Did Social Services let her down?

So many questions the investigation has to answer regarding this tragic case.