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Friday, April 29, 2016

Tom Jones loses the love of his life

Lady Melinda Rose Woodward passed away on 10 April from cancer in Los Angeles, aged 75 years. Her husband Sir Tom, was by her side.

The famous singer cancelled a string of performances because of his wife's illness.  Over the years she had two cancer scares and as a heavy smoker, she developed emphysema.

The childhood sweethearts met when they were 12 in the Welch town of Pontypridd and married when they were just 16.  Their only child Mark 59, is Sir Tom's manager.

Despite his self-confessed adultery, he remained devoted to his wife and said his marriage was 'rock solid' and all the rest was just 'fun and games.'

They had an arrangement since the sixties - Linda stopped going with him on the road and never asked about what went on.

Throughout his career, she remained at their Los Angeles home and was never seen at his concerts. She didn't even join him at Buckingham Palace when he received his knighthood in 2006.

In an interview in 2014, Sir Tom said his wife was reluctant to fly because of paparazzi at the airport.

"She's not crazy about the way she looks.... it has always bothered her....she never wanted her picture taken or take part in interviews, she didn't want to be part of any of that.