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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Walid Ahmad shot down in Bankstown

Walid Ahmad

Ex-Prime Minister John Howard, who introduced national gun control laws 20 years ago after the Port Arthur massacre, says the laws are now inadequate and should be tightened.

After police employee Curtis Cheng was shot and killed in Parramatta last year, Mr Howard said "If 15-year olds can get hold of weapons like that, there is something wrong with the laws."

And he's right, because shootings in Sydney and Melbourne are now such a common occurrence, we hardly notice anymore.  The latest happened yesterday, in broad daylight at a Sydney Shopping Centre.

Apparently there is another gang war going on and Walid Ahmed was shot down at Bankstown Central in a well-planned ambush and died at the scene.

His bodyguard and a 31 year old woman were also shot and are recovering in hospital.  A manhunt is now underway for the shooter and the driver of the white Mercedes getaway car.

Ahmad was wanted by police for questioning over the fatal shooting of Safwan Charbaji at his smash repair business earlier this month in Condell Park.  Police believe this could be pay-back for that murder.


"There are two distinct crime groups now involved in a feud and they are extremely violent" one officer said.  It's been reported that a large drug debt was at the centre of a long-running dispute between the two gangs.

"Someone didn't pay protection for their coke run" one source said. "Someone owes 10 grand and that's what this is all about."

Police believe the Mercedes was driven into a car park at the Bankstown Central Shopping Centre about 11.50 yesterday.  A gunman left the car and opened fire on three people sitting at a table at a cafe.

No arrests have been made and police continue to run around in circles, unable to protect shoppers going about their business on a ordinary Friday morning in Sydney.