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Monday, February 28, 2011

Brave Brit Saves Lives in Christchurch

Emma Howard who was rescued from the rubble of the Christchurch earthquake walked down the aisle on the weekend, after thanking the brave Brit who saved her life. Carl Stockton couldn't go to her wedding because he was still busy working on the rescue effort -but he met the 23 year old before the ceremony to wish her luck.

"It was quite an emotional meeting," said Carl, a builder from Wigan, near Manchester. "Emma had been so, so lucky and I was very happy for her. I went to her dad's house this morning to say hello and give her a hug."

Despite the hell she suffered in the rubble of her office just three days before, huddled in the foetal position for six and a half hours in the dark, trainee accountant Emma was determined to go ahead with her marriage to Chris Greenslade. Emma was one of six survivors Carl rescued that day. The father of four was working as a builder outside Christchurch when the quake hit and he rushed into the city on his motorbike to help. Carl who has suffered from claustrophobia since childhood said later: "For some reason, the claustrophobia didn't affect me. But ask me to go in a hole now and it would be a different thing."

The confirmed death toll from the quake stood at 113 last night but there are still many missing.