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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egyptian Riots Creates Airport Chaos

Julia Gillard is finally sending a plane to get Australians out of riot-torn Cairo. There is a large angry crowd pinned down at Cairo airport as the revolt against President Hosni Mubarak enters its sixth day. Flights have been cancelled and people booked to fly out are missing their flight because with the curfew, no one can move from one end of the airport to another.

Sydney couple Brian and Dahlia Brigham felt abandoned because they had not heard from consular officials. Fearing for their safety, they spent the last three nights sleeping on the floor with little food or water after their flight to Capetown was cancelled. The US, UK, China, India and Japan began organizing planes to take their people out over the weekend but not Australia - they were nowhere to be seen.

Mrs Brigham 58 said "There's no one here from our country - absolutely nobody - you wonder is there an Australian embassy or consulate? But I know there is. Our daughter registered us so they know our mobile numbers, our passport numbers, they know we are here - but it doesn't matter - they couldn't care less."

What a pathetic joke.