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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Has Multiculturalism Worked in Australia?

Today the University of Western Sydney released the results of a survey they did about our attitudes to Multiculturalism and it appears that the Muslim populations pose a threat in the minds of many Australians. New South Wales reported the highest levels of anti-Muslim attitudes (54.4 per cent) and in Sydney's central west, it ran as high as 60 and 61 per cent.

These findings serious challenge Immigration Minister Chris Bowen's boasting last month that Australia's multiculturalism is the best in the world.

The survey phone-polled 12,500 Australians over the past 10 years in all states and territories, asking them to identify their own prejudices and misgivings about other cultural groups, and to report their own experiences of racism in work, education, the housing market and the community. Respondents were asked if they were prejudiced against other cultures, and if Australia was ''weakened by people of different ethnic origins sticking to their old ways''. They were asked to measure how secure they felt with people of other ethnic backgrounds, and how they would feel if a ''close relative'' married someone of different racial backgrounds and/or religious faiths.

A poll in the Age this morning so far at 10 am reads:
Is Australia a racist country?
Yes 68%
No 32%
Total votes: 4,586