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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sydney Heat Wave February 2011

Sydney's heat wave has shattered a 150 year record - today is the seventh day in a row of over 33 C temperatures and yesterday in the city it was 41 C - in the old, that's 105.8 F. Last night was by far the worst sleep, it was 33 at midnight. The Bureau of Meteorology said that since records were first kept in 1858, Sydney had never experienced such consistently high temperatures. The previous record was five straight days.

The Ambulance Service has been run off their feet at the beaches. There were 162 people rescued this January compared to only 75 last January and there were 62 people who went to hospital emergency departments for heat-related illnesses in the past six days.

When I think about the last heatwave they happened way back in 1861, I wonder how they survived without air conditioning but somehow they did. A cool change expected this afternoon will drop temperatures back to a comfortable 20C and the city will breathe a sigh of relief.