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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting close to polar bears in Ontario

Owners of Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat in Ontario have created a wonderful sanctuary to promote awareness of polar bears. These children are perfectly safe, they are protected by 10 inches of thick plexiglass. They only adopt bears rescued from the wild and visitors are delighted to be able to get so close.

Former director of the centre and keen photographer Gerry Robichaud took these amazing photographs. He said they get astonished reactions from visitors when they first see the bears and the children together in the pool.

"When you are in the water up by the glass next to these animals, it seems like there is nothing protecting you when in fact there is a 10 inch barrier." he said.

Some of the children can't wait to get in the pool while others don't want to. It seems the adults are the ones to watch, some can't wait and jump in fully clothed. The two bears in the pictures are both females, rescued from the wild when they were cubs. Their mother was shot near Winisk near the Hudson Bay in the far north.

Makes you want to visit, the water would be heated in Canada, wouldn't it?