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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt's New Dawn

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says it is not seeking power and will not put forward a presidential candidate at the upcoming election so they must believe they don't have a chance of winning. This is good news for the west because they hate us and especially America, with a passion. While in office, Mubarak had the good sense to round up its members and ban them from a formal role in politics.

Meanwhile, people are cleaning up the city and businesses and restaurants are reopening. The military said they will steer the country towards democratic elections - some people are sceptical but most appear to take them at their word.

Israel is breathing a sigh of relief after the Egyptian military said they would honour their peace treaty. Naturally, they were worried that if Islamic militants took control, they would overturn their 1979 treaty. The military relaxed a night-time curfew today and banned current and ex-government officials from travelling abroad without permission in its first move since taking power.

So far, so good..