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Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt's President Mubarak Refuses to Go

Omar Suleiman

When 200,000 people gathered in Tahrir Square a few hours ago, they expected President Mubarak to announce that he was stepping down but instead, he said he won't be leaving until the September elections. The reaction was disbelief and rage. He's handed over control of the country to his second in command Omar Suleiman.

But there's a problem with Omar Suleiman, he's the former head of the secret police and he's got torture chambers just waiting for dissenters and this is creating real fear among the people. They will remember only too well what happened to the protestors in Iran. So far there has been no burning or destruction of property so there's been no reason for the army to intervene, but after the President's speech and the anger it produced, it's unlikely that tempers will be kept in check for long.

This is such an important day in our history. Fingers crossed for Egypt.