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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aboriginal payback feud continues

 AFL Central Australia Grand Final winners 2008

In September 2010, Kwementyaye Watson was stabbed to death on the remote Northern Territory Aboriginal community of Yuenduma, 280 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs.  A tribal fight broke out and many residents left in a hurry and drove 1800 kilometres south to Adelaide.  Because police won't allow any form of tribal "payback", they did the next best thing, the Watson family chased them out of the community.   A 20 year old man was charged with the murder and the people eventually came back.  But the hatred persists.

Members of the Watson family

Yesterday, the ongoing feud flared again when a mob of around 60 people almost scalped one man and a woman was badly beaten.  Police were pelted with rocks when they tried to intervene and Superintendent Peter Gordon said the mans' injuries were horrific.  "He's got massive head injuries - it looks like he's been scalped, the skin has detached from the scalp" he said.  Both victims were flown to Alice Springs hospital.

Yuendumu is now recognized as one of the most active and important centres in desert art.  Artists have taken part in more than 1000 exhibitions in galleries in Australia and overseas.

Their community area covers 22,000 square kilometres and the traditional owners control the land as part of self-determination.  Entry permits are required by visitors intending to stay overnight or longer.