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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Craig Thomson has to go

Finally, the Prime Minister has made a comment about Craig Thomson, she said she was "deeply, deeply concerned" about Fair Work Australia's report.  But it didn't stop her from protecting him ever since the news broke months ago that Thomson had allegedly stolen almost $500,000 from Health Services Union funds for brothel expenses, fine dining, air travel, hotel accommodation and personal cash withdrawals.

She has known for months that their report would be damning but she refused to act and is still refusing to remove this man who has tainted the halls of Parliament House like no other.  If she thinks that suspending him from the ALP and sitting him in the cross benches is enough to distance herself from him, she is sadly mistaken.  She should remove his stench from the House completely but she won't because she desperately needs his vote.

The Opposition yesterday attempted to suspend Mr Thomson for 14 days but failed to get an absolute majority of 76 votes.  Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this man to continue to sit on the cross benches and vote.  It's been reported that they are considering whether to support a future motion and we can only hope that they do the right thing and support the Coalition in forcing him out.

If you are thinking of voting Independent at the next election, you might think again.  This hung Parliament has shown us what can happen when a political party is so desperate to rule, they find themselves condoning the actions of an immoral man and common decency gets lost in the spin.