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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ackermanis leaves Celebrity Apprentice

The most interesting person on Celebrity Apprentice, Jason Ackermanis, got fired last night and did what the producers were hoping for - he made an impact and got people talking about the show.  In Mr Bouris' boardroom he had a spectacular tantrum, he started swearing, kicked over a chair and stormed out.  He was furious when Bouris called him an "unpredictable maverick".

But he said he would never apologise for being a bad loser.  "I want to win and when you are as passionate as I am, then you have to put up with a bit of that I'm afraid."  He took a parting shot at Lauryn Eagle and Nathan Joliffe before he left saying they were being carried through the competition.  "They are lovely people but as boring as a plant and I make no apologies for that."

And when Acker has a meltdown, he really lets go.  He accused the show's producers of trying to manipulate the CEO of P&O Cruises into changing her mind about who should win the challenge.  Acker says the producers agreed that their team should have won.

But he wasn't finished, the show was rigged because too many women had been sacked and it was time for a man to go. "I got stuck being the first bloke to go..... I was a bit of a victim of circumstance, Charlotte was terrible and should have got fired but because they'd lost four women in a row, it was just going to be too hard."

Acker vehemently denied being the weakest link in the losing team and anyone who watched him perform on stage would agree that he did a great job.  "That's a load of shit and Mr Bouris didn't think that, he told me personally, unfortunately politics ruled over brains and they said they had to keep a girl in."

He also spilled the beans as to why Patti Newton went home.  Mr Bouris told Patti that it was going to "get rough" from now on and to save her "dignity", she should be spared the experience.  But according to Acker, Bert had a heart attack in Singapore and they had to let her go to be by his bedside.

Still in a rage after his elimination, Acker did a silly thing, he sent threatening messages to Mr Bouris and his fellow contestants.  In one he wrote @markbouris "I have a long memory mate, I hope I see you real soon" and then to Jolliffe and Eagle "I have a long memory, I don't forget easily, good luck, you will need it."

But Celebrity Apprentice is all about raising money for charity and that's what Acker did, he raised $152,000 for Vicdeaf.  And his wife who is a speech therapist, and her parents who are both deaf, will be very proud of him for that.