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Monday, May 14, 2012

He only married me for a visa

Australia is experiencing a man drought.  There is a huge decline in the number of eligible men between the ages of 25 to 34 and the shortage gets even worse in older groups.

The Internet is a dangerous place for lonely women.  Just like the Nigerian scammers who skimmed millions of dollars from naive elderly Australians, there are other predators from Africa targeting vulnerable women, desperate to marry, who are prepared to bring them to Australia on a marriage visa.

John Musas Chibang is just one man who rolled the dice and won.  Katrina Mudge has a child to Mr Chibang and 10 weeks after he arrived, he left her.  The whole affair cost about $10,000 of her savings and she's understandably angry.  "We are not married anymore, he should not be allowed to stay because he came here on a marriage visa." she said.

Ms Mudge reported him to Immigration authorities who told her his visa was cancelled last June but so far, he hasn't been picked up.  She has also spoken to Centrelink, angry that he is still collecting benefits but for reasons unknown, they refused to stop his payments.

It's a sad case because there is a child involved.  "The only interest he has had in his child is for his plan to stay in Australia" she said.  And let's face it, having a child born in Australia would be a tremendous advantage.

After meeting on the Internet, Ms Mudge went to South Africa in July 2009 where they married and the long journey of getting him out of Africa and into Australia began.