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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marc Glasby's two wives

Belle and Dorothy are identical twin sisters in a sexual relationship with Perth man, Marc Glasby.  Separated at birth, the twins were reunited three years ago and when they finally met, Belle's husband fell in love with Dorothy and they have lived in a polygamous relationship ever since.  The sisters are both Christians and believe that God is pleased with the arrangement that makes them all so happy.

Marc says he's never been unfaithful to his wife in 30 years and if he hadn't met her sister, he would have continued being faithful to her until the day he died.  He makes the arrangement sound idyllic but reading between the lines, it's clear that it isn't.

Describing himself as 'the meat in the sandwich' he admits his wife of 30 years had to work through some jealousy issues.  He was paying more attention to his new wife which led to feelings of neglect.  But he had a brilliant idea on how to stop any arguments and found the ideal solution - he devised a continual rotation system where both sisters get the pleasure of his company every other night.  "It works well" he said "as neither is left alone for longer than one night."

In the beginning Marc questioned his feelings and motives but came to the conclusion that what he was doing was right for them all.  "I was the driving force behind the relationship and I take full responsibility for maintaining it and ensuring both girls feel loved and appreciated."

This man is clearly a prince among men.

Marc Glasby and his wives will feature in an interview tonight on SBS Insight at 8.30pm