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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Joshua Booth sent home in disgrace

Joshua Booth will be remembered as the fool who brought shame on his country at the London Olympic Games by smashing windows in a drunken rage.  I feel very sorry for his family.

If he thought he could redeem himself  by personally apolosing to the shop owners, and paying for the damage, he was sadly mistaken because Nick Green has expelled him from the team and sent him home.

He said it was an inappropriate expression of his disappointment and frustration about his team's poor performance and finishing last in their final.  One can only wonder what his reaction will be when other disappointments present themselves in his life further down the track.

He's lucky the owners didn't press charges.  Chief Superintendent Gavin Stephens said "Mr Booth is extremely fortunate that the victims have accepted the offer of reparation as there are no excuses for criminal damage, whatever the circumstances."   He went on "In this case, we are satisfied Mr Booth has shown remorse, a willingness to make amends for the damage caused and is now facing the consequences of his actions."

Booth, dressed in his Australian team uniform, apologised to the owners of both businesses and his parents also visited the premises earlier in the day to express their regret.

Men's eight coxswain Toby Lister confirmed some members of the crew had been out for a "few beers" after the race.  "We were disappointed, you don't want to come to the Olympics and finish sixth" he said.