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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nick D'Arcy holidays in Croatia

Nick D'Arcy is feeling no pain.  He's holidaying in Croatia and as the photos show, having a wonderful time. His good friend Kenrick Monk posted the photos on Facebook last Sunday before the social media ban officially ended, so he could be in trouble again with the AOC.

D'Arcy's father sought and was granted permission for his bankrupt son to attend a family holiday in Croatia, so legally, he has done nothing wrong.  But it's not the legal aspect of this sorry saga that's the problem, it's a moral one.

While most agree that the OAC over-reacted to the photo of D'Arcy and Monk posing with guns in the US, the general public is still very much aware that D'Arcy has not fulfilled his obligations to Simon Cowley for the terrible injuries he caused him at a nightclub in 2008.  It took a long time for Cowley to heal and surgeons inserted five plates into his face, one under his fractured eye socket, two on either side of his broken nose and another two in his jaw.

At first, D'Arcy was defiant and denied everything but finally owned up to king-hitting Cowley. But instead of accepting responsibility and arranging to pay Cowley damages awarded by the court, he washed his hands of the problem and declared himself bankrupt.  Unfortunately, this single act could hang over this young man's head for the rest of his life and a wise parent would counsel him to make things right before it's too late.

Cowley's lawyer Sam Macedone said D'Arcy should never have been allowed to travel to Croatia.  "If he was given permission to go on holiday, I want to know why" he said.  "I understand the trustee gave permission for him to go to the Olympic Games to try and win a medal, but that was it, the fact that he's gone from London to Croatia, to me is totally against his travel conditions."

Despite promising to holiday with their families, Monk and D'Arcy met up with friends on the Croatian island of Hvar and as the photos show, just because you are bankrupt, doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the good life.