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Friday, August 24, 2012

Slater and Gordon affair over

Yesterday The Australian issued a three-line apology to the Prime Minister over its reporting of the Slater and Gordon affair. Instead of using the word “slush” fund, they reported it as a “trust” fund.   It read:  "An article in today's The Australian reported that Prime Minister Julia Gillard had set up a trust fund for her then boyfriend 17 years ago. This is wrong. The Australian apologises for the error."

As a 30-year-old partner in law firm Slater and Gordon, she began a relationship with Australian Workers’ Union official, Bruce Wilson. "Once I became aware that I had been deceived about a series of matters, I ended my relationship with Mr Wilson."

The PM took questions from the media about the matter yesterday in an effort to stop the viscous rumour-mongering that’s been going on for months and likened it to the Birther movement in America who insisted that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US.

"It wouldn't matter what I said, and it wouldn't matter what documents were produced, and it wouldn't matter what anybody else said - they will pursue this claim for motivations of their own which are malicious and not in any way associated with the facts," she said. 

But Christopher Pyne is still saying she has questions to answer.  Someone should tell him and Tony Abbott that it's over,  move on, and stop flogging a dead horse.