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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kathy Jackson asked to resign

Kathy Jackson was the brave woman who blew the whistle on high ranking HSU union officials Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson.  And when union thugs left a shovel at her front door as a warning to shut up, she refused.  But now she is under the spotlight and HSU President Chris Brown will ask for her resignation today.

She has been accused of being unable to account for $100,000 in union payments to companies which list her and her former husband as directors.  There are also unexplained wages paid to the children of her current partner and Vice President of Fair Work Australia, Michael Lawler.   How ironic that Ms Jackson opened a can of worms that ultimately put herself under scrutiny.

Ms Jackson said she had not been contacted by police and wasn't aware they were investigating her.  "They haven't spoken to me, if anyone has any allegations against me, they should refer them to the proper authorities, good luck to them" she said.