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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Larry Pickering's tarnished reputation

Larry Pickering is the last person in the world who should be accusing the Prime Minister of fraud. He has been relentless in denigrating Julia Gillard on his Facebook and websites for months with sleazy innuendo and lies that have nothing to do with AWU fraud.

In one of his sick posts, he says "A cold shiver went up Gillard's spine when she saw a recent cartoon depicting her as pregnant to AWU fraudster, Bruce Wilson.  Not that a pregnancy or even a termination at seven weeks, is significant.  Her real concern was that if  that is known, what the hell else is known?"  

But he doesn't stop there. "Bill Shorten and his lover Nicola Roxon had struggled out of bed and were heading up Brunswick Street for breakfast when Bill noticed a couple they knew having coffee opposite.  They waved, crossed the road, and sat down with Julia and Bruce Wilson.  The conversation concerned no more than the weather but Julia was overly gesticulating with her left hand.  It bore a sizeable stone in a white gold ring.  "You guys are engaged" exclaimed Bill.  Julia blushed.  Nicola looked askance at Bruce.  Julia was excited, in love, and it showed.  But Nicola was aware that Bruce was bedding a number of other women, and it showed too, as she lowered her head and glared at Wilson.  Wilson was known in AWU circles as "Wilson the Rooter."

Michael Pascoe's article in the Sydney Morning Herald today says that Larry Pickering is "not a nice man" which is probably the understatement of the century.  According to Pascoe he is an "inveterate liar, a bankrupt conman with a seedy history of fleecing the gullible of millions while not paying his own bills."

Pascoe defends the Prime Minister over her poor choice of men almost twenty years ago and accuses Pickering of being a serial bankrupt who lives the millionaire lifestyle and hides behind clever lawyers.  Because there is no point in suing a bankrupt, he can say anything he likes and he does, making lewd cartoons of Julia Gillard that are so distasteful, they beggar belief.    But he still enjoys the good life and lives in a rather grand rented home, drives around in a flash car and plays golf at an exclusive Gold Coast club.

Using the alias Paul Perry, Larry Pickering was allegedly involved in a $15 million scam done through a company called Cohen Strachan Investments, selling sports betting software that cost 100 investors their life savings.  Likely candidates were cold-called and encouraged to buy the program and then invest in Hong Kong-based Nominee Traders who would give them a hefty return on betting around the world.

Pickering denies he was involved with Nominee Traders.  "I don't know where all this comes from" he said.  "It's rubbish."  But he admitted he helped set up Cohen Strachan Investments who eventually went into bankruptcy. "I feel sorry for people who lost money but I had nothing to do with it" he said.  "The relevant authorities and police should investigate."

Pickering has 11 children to five women and was made an undischarged bankrupt in August 2010 by his former de facto's father George Luckardt.  He insists he doesn't owe any money to anyone and his only asset is a $250 set of golf clubs.