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Monday, October 1, 2012

Alan Jones says he's sorry

As the Liberal Party runs for cover, Alan Jones says he's sorry.  He thinks that makes everything okay, but it doesn't because his apology reeked of arrogance and unrepentance.

People are so angry about his cruel outburst against the Prime Minister, one of his radio station's sponsors received over 2000 vitriolic emails demanding they cancel their advertising contract - emails like "I hope he gets his cancer back."  Radio 2GB has since removed their list of sponsors from their website.

Alan Jones has a 'pick and stick' philosophy.  If he picks you to be his friend, he'll stick by you through thick and thin, but when his secretly recorded remarks about Julia Gillard's father became known over the weekend, his many powerful friends were red faced.

It's true that a large proportion of the electorate is unhappy with the Labor Government and Julia Gillard in particular, especially when she uttered those now infamous words "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead" and soon after the election, changed her mind.

But Labor have found an unlikely friend in Alan Jones.  If this man is typical of the Liberal Party, then I will vote Labor.