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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ronnie Barker's paedophile son

Ronnie Barker's son Adam Barker 44, was sentenced to 12 months prison on Friday after pleading guilty to making 1,675 pornographic images of children, including child rape.  None of his family attended the hearing.

He jumped bail and went on the run for eight years, hiding in Hungary, but finally came home and gave himself up to London police when he ran out of cash.

Barker, a bit-part actor, was arrested in 2003 after police traced credit card payments he made for some of the images and took possession of his computer in a pre-dawn raid on his London home.  He was released on bail.

Before he vanished, he left a note for his parents which read: 

"Dear Mummy and Daddy, some time ago police came to my house looking for images of under-age children on my computer.  I was arrested.  I must apologise for being foolish and thank you for being great parents.  Rather than wait and find out what will happen, I will go away.  You must understand that I won't be able to contact you for some time."

Adam Barker and his parents 

One year later, his father died.  Police were waiting for him at the funeral but he didn't turn up.  He also missed his mother's funeral who passed away last January, leaving him an inheritance of two million pounds.

Close friends said that Ronnie never spoke publicly about his son and died of a broken heart.