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Friday, October 5, 2012

Brynne Edelsten's My Bedazzled Life

The only way I can think of to review Brynne's new television show is to ask the question "Would I watch it again?" and the answer is yes.  

But it's not only Brynne who is interesting, it's her entrepreneurial, taciturn husband, Geoffrey.  They are a truly odd couple - the photo of the beautiful girl on the arm of an older man in flamboyant suits and dyed hair, just doesn't seem to fit.

Back in the 80s, Dr Geoffrey Edelsten was a high flyer who owned the Sydney Swans and transformed medical centres by keeping them open 24/7.  At one point he employed almost 250 GPs.  He put grand pianos and chandeliers in the foyers and covered examination tables with mink.

But in the 90s, it all fell apart, and Edelsten spent a year in prison for arranging underworld figure Christopher Dale Flannery to beat up a former patient and he was de-registered.

You can't help feeling a bit sorry for Brynne being so far away from her family and friends in Phoenix, Arizona and being married to Geoffrey doesn't help.  He gets up at 3.30am and works all day and sometimes into the evening, and she is left alone with her little dog.

In the first episode Brynne works up courage to approach her husband about her desperate wish to have a baby and his response is hardly encouraging.  We get to see her beautiful designer gowns, some never worn with the tags still attached, and it's clear that Brynne is a girl who loves to shop.

She sets out on shopping expedition and deliberately leaves her credit cards at home so she won't overspend but when it comes time to pay the sales assistant, she hands over a wad of $100 bills that would knock your eye out.

Brynne won the hearts of the general public when she appeared in Dancing With The Stars, and it will be interesting to see if she can again capture an audience big enough for the producers to make a second series.