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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HMS Bounty smashed to pieces by Sandy

Six metre waves and ferocious gales created by Hurricane Sandy, sank the HMS Bounty in minutes.  Rescue teams managed to save 15 of the 16 crew but tragically, when 42 year old Claudene Christian was pulled from the water, she could not be revived.  Captain Robin Walbridge 63, is still missing.

HMS Bounty is a replica of the British Navy's original ship that became famous for the mutiny that took place on 28th April, 1789.  Captain Bligh was known for his foul language and hot temper, but it was his cruel treatment of his men that caused Officer Fletcher Christian to snap. Together with a handful of men, Christian overpowered Bligh and set him adrift in a small boat with loyal officers and crew.

Knowing they could never return to England, Christian and the mutineers went to Pitcairn, as obscure, uncharted island and burnt the ship, removing all trace of their existence.  Captain Bligh eventually made it back to England and went on to become an unpopular Governor of New South Wales.

Navy sailors from the submarine USS Mississippi test the wheel earlier this month

The Bounty was built for the 1962 movie Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard.  It was built to the original drawings from in the British Admiralty archives, but its dimensions were enlarged by around one third, to fit the enormous 70 mm cameras.

When it came time to burn the ship, Brando objected and threatened to walk out in protest, so MGM agreed to his demands and the ship was spared.  It went on to become one of Hollywood's most famous ships.

This year HMS Bounty was put up for sale by its current owners for $4.6 million.