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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where is April Jones?

There has been another shocking crime in England that will turn your stomach.  It is so abhorrent, it sends chills down the spine of every parent.  We don't understand why deviates snatch little children off the street but we know that they are out there, looking for the opportunity to take our children away from us.

April Jones, a sweet little 5 year old girl from Wales went missing after playing with friends near her home and was seen willingly getting into a van.  She has cerebral palsy and needs daily medication.

A 46 year old British man, Mark Bridger, has been arrested for her murder, even though they haven't found her body.  He was questioned by police for three days and released without charge but has now been re-arrested.  Bridger is known to the family and drives a Land Rover Discovery which was later seized from a local repair shop.

This is another horrific case that reinforces a message for every parent - never take your eyes off them for a second.