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Monday, October 22, 2012

Paul Henry's Breakfast on Channel 10

Breakfast television was getting very boring until I switched over to Paul Henry on Channel 10.  I'm sick of the sight of David Koch and Karl Stefanovic's narcissism is nauseating.  We are so used to political correctness, at first Henry's comments are a bit shocking, no one else would be game enough to say that, it might offend someone.

He's a smug, self-satisfied right-winger from New Zealand who makes racist jokes, hurls insults at our Prime Minister, calls homosexuals "unnatural", joked about the facial hair of anti-nuclear campaigner Stephanie Mills and said that Susan Boyle is "retarded."

With two other high-rating breakfast shows to compete with, Channel 10 took a big gamble with Henry and his rumoured one million dollar contract, because no one is watching and the ratings are embarrassing.

When our federal government announced they would pay families to temporarily house asylum seekers in their homes, Henry suggested they could live in linen cupboards.  "That's a good idea, 300 bucks a week for the linen cupboard.  You'd want to get the linen out though wouldn't you, otherwise these sheets are dirty, Ergh, don't ask, these towels, (sniffs) oh no, don't ask. We've got someone living in the linen cupboard kids, just don't go in there."

That comment was jumped on by Jonathan Holmes on Media Watch who said "What's sicker still is that Henry's bosses at Channel 10 will be delighted that their struggling little breakfast show has featured on Media Watch.  If they'd had any shame, they wouldn't have hired him in the first place."

In 2010 when Henry was interviewing NZ PM John Key, he asked him about Indian-born Governor General Anand Satyanand and said "Isn't it time to appoint a Govenor General who looks and sounds like a New Zealander?"    TVNZ admitted there was fallout over his racial slurs which threatened advertising and Henry resigned.

While accepting his People's Choice award at the NZ 2010 TV awards, he read out a piece of fan mail. "Paul Henry, you are the most self-conceited little mongrel prick on TV.  I would love Susan Boyle to shit on your ugly face."

During the 2010 Commonwealth Games, he referred to New Delhi's chief minister with the unfortunate name of Sheila Dikshit (pronounced Dixit) as "the dip shit woman".  He said "It's so appropriate because she's Indian, so she'd be dick-in-shit wouldn't she, know what I mean?"

In 1999, he ran as a National Party candidate, but lost.

After crossing the ditch, I wonder just how far he will be allowed to go before someone, or something chops off his head.  Love him or hate him, I dare you not to laugh.