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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Andy Murray beats Roger Federer in Australian Open

Lance Armstrong has a lot to answer for.  Because of him, honest men and women in all sports have a black cloud hanging over their heads - was that an honest performance or not?

Andy Murray's girlfriend

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) warned players against working with a doctor involved with Lance Armstrong - Luis Garcia del Moral (aptly named). Although disqualified from the ITF, he worked with Italian star Sara Errani this year and has also been involved with several players in Spain.  

Luis Garcia del Moral

One of our all time favourite players, Andre Agassi talked about his own drug use during his career, admitting that he used crystal meth in the late 1990s. When he failed a drug test he lied to tennis officials and said he had unknowingly consumed a spiked drink.  

He thinks that more drug testing is a good thing.  "It would have kept me from destroying a few years of my life" he said, but his confession hardly fills us with confidence.

The way Andy Murray has been playing over the past 12 months, we could be forgiven for wondering if he could be on some undetectable, magic potion too, after he beat Roger Federer last night. 

He's probably as honest as the day is long, but Armstrong's cheating proved that it can be done. The Scot has had a dream run - a gold medal at the Olympics in London, winning the US Open and now he's in the final against Djokovic tomorrow night.

Murray has already proved he can beat Djokovic. "I'm ready for the pain" he said. 

Yes indeed, scumbag Armstrong sure has a lot to answer for.

Edit January 28 2013:  Djokovic hit 47 winners to Murray's 29, despite making 61 unforced errors to Murray's 46.  Djokovic takes home $2,436,00.00 and retains the world No 1 ranking, while Murray received $1,215,000.00.