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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

British couple defend welfare benefits lifestyle

Currently in Britain, welfare benefits are sufficient for a young couple with a child to live a reasonably comfortable life without having to work. They recently appeared on a morning TV Show and made shocking revelations about why they believe the state owes them a living.

Danny Creamer 21, and Gina Allen 18, live in a comfortable, two bedroom flat in Portsmouth with their four month old daughter, Talulah Rose. They make the point that most jobs on offer pay less than the benefits they receive, so why go to work?

Gina said "I don't see that we're living off the taxpayers, we're entitled to the money our parents paid all their lives." 

The couple receive $A2217 per month or $A26,621 per year which includes housing benefit, child tax credit, child benefit and Jobseeker's Allowance.

Although neither have any qualifications, Danny has worked as a shelf-stacker and although he's currently looking for a job, he won't accept anything. "What's the point of a minimum wage job?  I'm not going to work to be worse off" he said.  "We can't be scroungers because the government wouldn't give us the money or pay towards our living expenses if we didn't need it."

But it seems the good old days are almost over.  A government statement was read out on the show that said in part "We have to end the absurdity in the welfare system where people are better off claiming benefits than they are in work."

When asked what they would do when the new system is introduced? Gina said "He'd have to get a job I suppose."