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Friday, January 4, 2013

Unemployed British graduate gets creative

Getting a job in Britain today is hard work.  Three months ago Adam Pacitti, a student with a first class honour degree in Media Production, sent out 250 CVs and only received two replies.  He worked in an arcade filling two-pence machines and stacking toys and was grateful for the work.  Then he had an idea, he would spend his last five hundred pounds on a billboard, advertising himself.

Now, after creating the website and posting the billboard and Tweeting the image, his employment campaign has gone viral with 7,000 Re-tweets so far. 

Adam Pacitti, Media Graduate
Age:  24
Education: 2009-2012 University of Winchester
BA Media Production first class honours
Work Experience:  2011 Jet Videos - runner, answering phones and buying props
2010-2011 Hospital Broadcasting Association - presented a weekly show with phone-ins.
2007 - Solent TV - runner, liaising with actors, police and public.
Employment 2008-11 Gailygain Ltd - maintenance technician installing coin-operated amusement machines.
2007 Sumomedia - Assistant manager in charge of small team.
2004-7 Woolworths - Supervisor

"I have a good degree and relevant work experience, but others have more experience than me, so perhaps I don't look like the most attractive candidate" Adam said.

Adam says his strengths are production, advertising, good taste of mainstream television and a strong knowledge of social media.  His dream job would be a junior producer.  "If I could get that job with an independent production company or broadcaster, I'd be over the moon" he said.

But so far, he's had a few emails from companies, but no concrete job offer so good luck Adam.