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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Australia is a racist country, says Tony Mundine

Tomorrow night, two Aboriginal boxers, Tony Mundine and Daniel Geale will fight for the IBF middleweight title.

"Australia is a very racist country" Mundine said "I live here and I know it."  He hates our flag and our National Anthem and wants them changed. "The truth is, that anthem was composed in the 1800s when Aborigines were considered fauna" he said.

Tony Mundine

"From 1901 to 1973, there was a White Australia Policy to make Australia white, and guess what the theme song of that policy was - Advance Australia Fair.  So what were they really singing? Advance Australia White" he said.

Mundine was going to make a political statement while the Australian National Anthem was played at his fight tomorrow night by turning his back.  That decision angered many fans and he has since changed his mind.

Daniel Geale's family

Geale comes from Tasmania and last October, Mundine joked about the genocide of Tasmanian Aboriginals and said "I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out."  He later apologised for the remark.  Daniel Geale identifies as Aboriginal and is proud of his heritage.

Mundine said Geale is a "glorified amateur" who would never have won two world titles on German soil without the influence of his US promoter Gary Shaw.

Daniel Geale

Mundine's rant could be nothing more than another stunt to fill the Sydney Entertainment Centre tomorrow night, and judging by the amount of publicity the fight is receiving, it seems to be working.

Edit:  Geale wins unanimous points decision.