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Monday, January 28, 2013

Queensland flood crisis

The people of Queensland must be totally fed up. They have already been down this road in 2011, and now more water is pouring into their homes.

Choppers are battling to get to those still stranded on rooftops.

There were higher than expected rain falls in waterways that feed into the Brisbane River, downstream of the Wivenhoe dam overnight.

After saying goodbye to their famous son in Sydney - Josh Klinghoffer, Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist - Steven and Kathlene Klinghoffer flew to Cairns and decided to hire a car and do some sight-seeing.

When they came to a flooded causeway, Mr Klinghoffer felt confident enough to drive through it, but half way across, the car stalled and they were trapped.

Mr and Mrs Clinghoffer

With the help of a local family, they managed to get out of the car into waist-high water and climb to safety. The car was totally submerged and disappeared. "We are very, very thankful to everybody and we learnt a valuable lesson about the outback of Australia.

As the torrential rain slowly moves down the east coast, a deluge is forecast for Sydney later tonight.