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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Did Russian missiles crash in Iran?

This week CNN claimed that four Russian missiles crashed in Iran instead of hitting IS targets in Syria.  They said "The US believes, based on intelligence reports of damage assessments, that some buildings were damaged and civilians may have been hurt."

Reuters, Bloomberg, the BBC and AFP news also ran the story, believing it to be true, but the US State Department spokesman John Kirby told Reuters he could not confirm the CNN story.

Iranian General Musa Kamali said "We have no reports of any Russian missiles crashing in Iran.  All those media reports alleging that Russian missiles aiming at Syria hit Iran are blatant lies.  If the people making those claims had any proof, they would have certainly presented it."  

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said "Unlike CNN, we don't distribute information citing anonymous sources but show the very missile launches and the way they hit their targets, otherwise one would have to acknowledge that IS facilities - located at a considerable distance from each other - exploded all by themselves."

So what's going on?  CNN should set things right and admit their error otherwise we won't be able to believe a word they say.