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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Muslim children walk out when national anthem is sung

Cheryl Irving

The principal of a primary school in Victoria suggested that Muslim children could walk out of assembly while the national anthem was sung.  Yes, you might think this could never happen in Australia but it did.

And it wasn't the children's fault, it was this woman - Cheryl Irving - who is responsible for this nonsense.  She pointed out that during the month of Muharram, Shi'a Muslims do not take part in joyous events such as listening to music or singing because it is a period of mourning.

So this ridiculous incident went something like this.

The school was gathered in the hall for assembly.  When two children said 'welcome to our assembly' a teacher came forward and said that all those who felt it was against their culture to sing the anthem may leave the building.  And they did - 35 to 40 pupils left, and after the national anthem was sung, they all came back again.

Apparently the school has the full backing of the Victorian Education System and if this is true, they need to be re-educated in how to teach Muslim children about Australia and not encourage the parallel culture of Islam that already flourishes in our society. 

However, the Education Dept of NSW has a different view.  "It is not acceptable for any student in a NSW public school to walk out during the anthem and disciplinary action would be taken against the student" a spokesman said.