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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Incest matriarch deported to New Zealand

This is the distressing story of three generations of children born into the depravity of incest and sexual abuse.  Nobody knew they existed until authorities discovered the adults and children living like animals in an isolated camp in remote bushland not far from Canberra in NSW.

They removed 12 children under the age of 16 and AVOs had to be taken out to stop the adults from physically trying to bring them back to camp after they were placed in foster care.

Two sisters bought the property in 2009 and soon after, the rest of the family followed from interstate.  The younger children were enrolled in a small bush school with remedial teachers, and the others in high school.

Apart from Centrelink benefits, two men worked as labourers for the local council and sometimes sold firewood.  But as time went on, the children's attendance at school dropped off and their starved appearance and filthy clothes caused teachers and the local bus driver to contact Social Services.

But it took two years for them to act and in June 2012, the authorities were sickened beyond belief when they arrived unannounced at the squalid camp - a row of ramshackle tents, sheds and caravans, with no toilets, showers, electricity or running water. 

The children had never used toilet paper and didn't know how to use a toothbrush.

After the children were removed, the truth about what went on emerged and it was shocking - intergenerational incest and child sexual abuse involving children as young as five.

Away from their families, the children began showing inappropriate sexual behaviour and told carers they had engaged in sexual acts with each other and watched adults having sex on the farm every day. Brothers had sex with sisters, uncles with nieces, and fathers with daughters.

Genetic testing revealed that all but one of the 12 children removed had parents who were closely related.

According to court records, the Colt grandparents - Tim and June - married in New Zealand in 1966 and came to South Australia during the 1970s with their six children.  June Colt was born to parents who were brother and sister.

Betty Colt slept in the marital bed with her brother and the children were encouraged to copulate with each other and with adults. Some were intellectually and physically impaired, couldn't speak properly, covered in sores and racked with disease. The children also mutilated the genitals of animals.

Three of the daughters, Rhonda 47, Betty 46 and Martha 33 and at least one of the sons Charlie, formed the elder members of the family group in the bush camp.  Betty had 13 children.

Now Betty Colt (not her real name) who came to Australia as a child, is being held in Villawood Detention Centre, awaiting deportation back to New Zealand.  

In November 2014, she was found guilty of plotting to remove a child from foster care and of recruiting her other child to assist in the kidnapping.  She was sentenced to one year in prison.

Under the new law, Australia will deport convicted criminals who serve 12 months in prison.  There is debate as to whether deporting our cousins across the ditch who have spent most of their lives in Australia is fair and ethical, but unless Betty wins her appeal, she's going home.