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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Geoff Hunt family inquest

In September 2014, Geoff Hunt completely lost his mind and killed his wife and three children.  On the kitchen table he left a note "I'm sorry, it's all my fault, totally mine."

Kim Hunt 41 lay dead on the garden path and inside, their children, Fletcher 10, Mia 8, and Phoebe 6 lay dead in their beds and in a nearby dam, police found the body of Geoff Hunt 44, along with a shotgun.

This week the inquest took place in Wagga Wagga Local Court and Hunts' close family heard what had gone wrong to bring about this tragic event.

Mrs Hunt had been involved in a near-fatal car accident in 2012 which left her with a brain injury that changed her personality. After spending seven months in hospital, she returned home and would "explode with rage" at her husband.

She confided in a relative that she did not love her husband any more and was no longer attracted to him and the night before she and the children died, she told support worker Lorraine Bourke about how frustrated she was with him.

And in June 2013 she told a counsellor it would be better if she had died in the accident and was having suicidal thoughts but she would not use a gun because it was "too messy."

So we begin to understand the reason behind Geoff Hunt's depression, as his wife slips further into mental illness, but it doesn't explain why he believed the children had to die too.

Before the accident, Mrs Hunt was described as a "warm and loving mother, a perfectionist with lots of energy."

But Mr Hunt's parents noticed something was wrong.  Just days before they died, his mother said "Geoffrey had no smiles today." His father replied "No, he hasn't smiled in a week."