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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Isabella Cruise gets married

Last month, Isabella Cruise married Max Parker in a quiet, low key Scientology ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel in London.  Her adopted mother Nicole, her brother Connor and father Tom did not attend.

Max Parker is not a Scientologist but in time, is expected to convert.

Nicole Kidman has consistently refused to talk about Scientology out of respect for her two adopted children, Isabella and Connor. She was their mother from when they were tiny babies up until Isabella was 8, and when Nicole was no longer around, Tom's new wife Katie Holmes took her place.

When Bella was 13, Tom met Katie Holmes and she converted to Scientology. Suri was born in 2006 with Connor and Bella present at the 'silent birth' and from then on, both children referred to Katie as mom.

Isabella and Connor

At one stage, Katie lived with Tom's family - his mother, his sister Cass and her two sons - and Katie got to see first-hand how Cass home-schooled Connor and Isabella in the ways of Scientology. And when the couple finally moved into their home in Beverly Hills, only Suri, Isabella and Connor moved in.

It was rumoured that Nicole, a Catholic, embraced Scientology to please her husband and when she walked away from it, she lost the affection of her two children.

Former Scientologists claim the children were steered away from Nicole because she was regarded as an "SP" - a Suppressive Person - someone who would damage their spiritual well-being.

Suri Cruise

When Katie ended the marriage in 2012, Bella was very upset.  She stopped working as an assistant for Katie's fashion label and moved to the UK.

An unkind source said "Bella is lost, she's not pretty enough to be an actress and not smart enough to go to college and get a real job. It's the same with Connor who travels the world partying and DJing."