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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Radicalized teen kills man in Parramatta

As Curtis Cheng was leaving work and heading for home yesterday, he was shot at close range and died on the street outside the building where he worked at Police headquarters in Parramatta.

He was an IT employee and 17-year veteran of the Police Force's Finance Department and his killer was a 15 year old radicalized Muslim boy.

After shooting Mr Cheng, the boy ran around outside the building, waving his gun in the air shouting Allah, Allah and was shot dead by police who emerged from the building in response to the incident.

He was born in Iran of Iraqi-Kurdish background and is a naturalised Australian citizen.  He was not known to police and has no criminal history.

The Chairman of the Parramatta Mosque, Neil El-Kadomi said he was contacted by police last night and shown a photograph of the boy who was known to enter the mosque before the attack.  "We don't know him" he said after reviewing CCTC footage from his mosque to try and establish what time he was there.

"I looked at the footage and we stayed until late at night....we have 400-500 people coming every day....we don't accept what he did, it's a crime" he said.

The Sunni mosque is about 15 minute walk away from the police building where the shooting took place.