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Monday, October 12, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull's insensitive speech

Tony Abbott was toppled as Prime Minister in favour of Malcolm Turnbull - 54 votes to 44 - four weeks ago today.  And today, he must endure a lesson in humility and sit on the back bench as Parliament resumes after a three-week break.

But it's clear there is still a deep division within the party.  On Saturday, as Malcolm Turnbull addressed the Liberal Party State Council, a large proportion of the audience booed and scoffed at their new leader. Tony Abbott was sitting in the audience.

Malcolm Turnbull, the man his supporters believe will lead the LNP to victory at next year's election, made a complete fool of himself by telling the party faithful that unlike the Labor Party, the LNP was "not run by factions" and not run by "deals in back rooms."

After what went on in back rooms by factions to bring about the assassination of Tony Abbott, it's hard to believe the man could be so insensitive.  The audience agreed and he was ridiculed and heckled. Someone yelled "come off it."

When popular NSW Premier Mike Baird praised Tony Abbott's performance as PM, there were cheers and applause but when he said "we have an outstanding prime minister in Malcolm Turnbull" there was silence.

Tony's new office is next to Bronwyn Bishop's, the former speaker. When he refused to sack her over a $5,000 Melbourne to Geelong helicopter ride, his colleagues questioned his leadership and the ballot for a new leader was brought to a head.

Ms Bishop returned the favour by voting for Malcolm Turnbull.

Tony Abbott must take responsibility for making some bad decisions and there were a few - not getting rid of Peta Credlin for one and granting a knighthood to Prince Phillip was another, but only time will tell if his replacement will ultimately prove to be the best man for the job.