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Monday, March 16, 2009

James Boag's Brewery, Tasmania

We went on a tour of the James Boag's Brewery today in Launceston. After the tour we got to sample 5 of their top selling beers and nibbled on some delicious Tasmanian cheeses. Boag is proud of their product and believe that much of their success is due to the pristine waters of the Esk River used in the brewing.

I like the story about one of their employees Wizard Smith, the drayman. In 1929 the Great Flood swamped most of Launceston without warning. Wizard Smith, J. Boag & Son's drayman, tried desperately to get to where the brewery horses were locked up. He rode his pushbike until the water got too deep, then plunged into the rising river floodwaters, swam into the stables and successfully lead all the horses to dry land. The owner was so impressed with his bravery he deemed that Wizard could never be sacked and would have his job for life.

They even named a beer after him, Boag's Wizard Smith ale which is like a traditional English type ale.

But their most popular beer is undoubtedly James Boag's Premium Lager and we Aussies drink 99% of it, only 1% is exported overseas. And they can't make it quick enough.