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Monday, March 30, 2009

Richmond Gaol, Tasmania

From the mid 1820's there was a building frenzy in Richmond which required large numbers of convict laborours so the Richmond Gaol was built to house them. Like most of the town's beautiful old buildings, it was built out of local sandstone from a nearby quarry at Butcher's Hill.

Ann Forest was transported for seven years for larceny. She was assigned to work as a servant for Cornthwaite Hector. In 1839 Ann spent 14 days in one of these cells sentenced to solitary confinement on bread and water for insolence and disobedience. She refused to return to more ill-treatment from her master and earned a repeat sentence. After a third stint in solitary for absence without leave, Ann was returned to the Government for re-assignment.

Female convicts were often badly treated by their masters - many women commited further offences to escape from them.

Richmond Gaol

The Yard

Cells were 2.13m x 1 metre wide

Man trap used for tresspassers and poachers