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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pub in the Paddock, Tasmania

There's a beautiful valley called Pyengana not far from St Helens. There's a pub there that people talk about because they have a pig who loves to drink beer.

The pub was started by the Terry family in the early 1900's, now known as The Pub in the Paddock. Mrs. Terry, the valley midwife in the late 1800's led by example and had 15 children of her own. But her six sons were more interested in drinking beer than farming so they simply licenced their homestead that became St Columba Falls Hotel.

Their pub was the social hub of the valley, they turned the barn into a dance hall and picture theatre on a Saturday night. There has been a long association with pigs with the pub because they used to reside under the barn and had to be chased out before the dancing could begin.

Today both Pricilla and the younger pig refused to wake up from their nap. You can buy slops from the bar to feed them but today they didn't want to know and slept on. I was curious to know what a pig fed beer slops would taste like but was told that both pigs are cherished family pets and in the event of their deaths, will definitely not be served up to the family as pickled pork but buried in a dignified manner. Good pub food served here from 12-2.