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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

China won't say sorry for Tiananmen Square

The Communist regime in China is still trying to change the history books by pretending the military massacre 24 years ago in Tiananmen Square didn't happen. 

Hong Kong and Macau reverted to Beijing's rule in the late 1990s and are the only places in China where the military massacre is openly remembered.  This year, the people of Hong Kong turned out in their thousands to take part in a quiet, peaceful,  protest to mark the anniversary.  Organizers said 150,000 people turned up at Victoria Park but police said there were only 54,000.  Whatever the number, it spoke volumes.

Nobody knows the exact death toll from those terrible two days in June 1989 because the government won't tell, it could be hundreds or thousands.  It makes you wonder what the Chinese government is thinking when the whole world knows what happened, yet they are still trying to airbrush the event from history.  It's never going to happen.

File photo from 1989

The people of Hong Kong are not happy with their Beijing government and there is slow progress towards democracy.  China promised them they could elect their leader by 2017 and vote for all legislators in 2020, but no details are forthcoming.

On Tuesday morning, Tiananmen Square was open but swarming with undercover agents and security guards. The mausoleum where Chairman Mao's body is housed was closed.

The US State Department issued the following on May 31:

"The 24th anniversary of the violent suppression in Tiananmen Square on June 4 prompts the United States to remember the tragic loss of innocent lives.  We renew our call for the Chinese government to end harassment of those who participated in the protests and fully account for those killed, detained or missing. We renew our call for end the ongoing harassment of human rights activists and their families."

In reply, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said "We urge the US to discard political prejudice, correctly treat China's development, immediately rectify its wrongdoings, and stop interfering in China's internal affairs so as not to sabotage China-US relations."