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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Syrian rebels 'organ eaters' says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized  the West for giving arms to Syrian rebels who not only kill their enemy, but cut open their bodies and eat their organs.  "Are these the people you want to support?" he asked.  There is footage circulating on the internet of a rebel fighter eating what appears to be the heart of a murdered Syrian soldier.

It looks like the US and the UK have made up their minds about supplying arms to the Syrian rebels.  It doesn't matter that the UN says it's a bad idea, they want Assad gone and that's that, end of story.

A rebel spokesman said that if the US will provide enough training to organize themselves, as well as more arms, it will probably take them about six months to topple the regime.

The US says it has proof that Assad has crossed President Obama's "red line" and used chemical weapons against his people.  President Putin says this is not true - there was no need for Assad to use chemical weapons against the rebels because he is making steady advances on the ground.  So someone is telling porkies.

There will be no diplomatic breakthrough at the G8 summit on the Syrian civil war.  Putin says he will continue to support the legitimate government of Syria and President Obama and David Cameron will push ahead to bring the heart-eating rebels to power.