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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Peter Everett fired from Celebrity Apprentice

Peter Everett probably knew he didn't have the temperament to cope with the stress associated with appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, but he decided to do it anyway.  But it made him sick and he developed shingles, a badly ulcerated throat and couldn't sleep for a month after the show.

Jeff Fenick and Dawn Fraser

He said it was heavy going, up at 4am and sometimes not getting home until 11.30pm.  "I was staying with some friends in Sydney and honestly, I was coming home saying - please don't make me go back, please don't make me go back - I was sitting in front of Mr Bouris for most of the boardrooms thinking please, please, please, sack me."

Peter said his 11 year old Goddaughter phoned him and said the people on the show were nasty to him and she didn't realize that adults could be bullied too. 

The former Ready, Steady Cook host said that on-camera, the other celebrities treated him like an outsider but off-camera, he got on well with everyone.  In one episode, they forgot to put his name on a flyer to promote the team and it hurt.  "I didn't know if it showed how forgettable I am or if my teammates were just egotistical, but either way, it was hard to deal with.

Swimming sensations Dawn and Steffanie Rice

In the boardroom, Prue MacSween was obviously frustrated with Peter for not standing up for himself and said that he and every child in the playground should learn how to do it.  It's easy for Prue to say, she is hardly a shrinking violet, but most of us try to avoid angry confrontation if we can.  "It wasn't worth it for me to become something I despise" Peter said.

Prue MacSween

Dawn Fraser bravely accepted the challenge to model Aussiebum underwear and earned $100,000 for her team, the biggest single donation so far on Australian Celebrity Apprentice.

Aussisbum swimwear

This week's episode raised $327,000 for charity so when Peter looks back on his traumatic experience, he can take comfort in knowing that it was well worth it.