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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Julia Gillard rolled by Kevin Rudd

Stunt: Gillard knitting a toy kangaroo as a gift for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby

Oh the irony.  The Labor Party had to eat humble pie last night and bring back Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, after throwing him out three years ago.  The people love him yet some of his colleagues have thrown their political careers away and quit, rather than work with him. We, the electorate, haven't a clue why they originally dumped him and wonder what his problem is.

One anonymous insider who worked with Rudd when he was PM said he is a control freak who holds grudges. If someone crossed him, he would refuse to look at them in meetings and simply ignore anything they said until they gave up, quit or made amends.  Another criticism was that he is a workaholic who needs little sleep and kept his people working into the early hours of the morning on a regular basis.  If this is true, I can see him walking on egg shells with his colleagues until the election, trying not to upset anyone.

When Julia Gillard announced last night there would be a leadership ballot at 7pm, she said it would take place on one condition - the loser would have to leave politics.  Perhaps she was confident she would win when she made that pledge, which could mark the end of her political career.  After easily winning leadership ballots before, this time she lost by 57 votes to 45.

I'm not sure if Kevin Rudd's return is going to help Opposition Leader Tony Abbott win the next election because nobody should underestimate his popularity.  Although his colleagues can't stand him, he's mobbed by the general public everywhere he goes.

It's been a foregone conclusion for months that Tony Abbott will be our next Prime Minister, it was going to be a rout, Labor was set to lose 35 of its 71 seats.  But it's a whole new ball game now.