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Monday, June 17, 2013

Nigella Lawson humiliated by angry husband

Nigella Lawson must be going through hell now that everyone knows she's married to an abusive man.  Wealth, beauty and success don't count for much when a woman is frightened of her husband, and judging by the photos just released of their argument at a London restaurant, she is indeed very afraid of Charles Saatchi. 

She married an angry man who thinks it's okay to grab his wife by the throat and squeeze it tight to get his point across.  We are left wondering - if he does this in public, what's he like at home?

Although some diners were aware of the argument, nobody actually intervened. When he finally got up and left, she walked sobbing towards a waiting car.

Happier days

Nigella is Saatchi's third wife.  His second wife Kay was granted a divorce on the grounds of his 'unreasonable behaviour' and Nigella was named as the 'other woman.'

Nigella's first husband died in 2001 aged 41 from throat cancer and they had two children, Cosoma now 19 and Bruno 17.  The family live together in Chelsea with Mr Saatchi's daughter from a previous marriage, Phoebe, 19.

Saatchi was a close friend of her late husband and Nigella moved in with him nine months after her husband died.  Born in Baghdad and educated in London, he is reclusive and rarely seen in public even though he is Britain's most influential art collector.  He doesn't even attend his own art shows.

Last year Saatchi said that far from being possessive, he is proud of his wife's sex symbol image.  He also said that her cooking skills are wasted on him and he can't understand why Nigella wants to be with him.  "It's beyond human comprehension" he said.  After seeing the photos, we now know why.