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Friday, June 28, 2013

Comancharos bikie clubhouse ambushed

South Chapter including Mick Hijazi, fourth from left in sunglasses and blue jeans

It's a sad state of affairs when our police force are incapable of protecting us from Sydney bikie gang wars.  They don't care if their intended victims happen to be in a busy carpark, Sydney airport, a shopping centre or a suburban street, in broad daylight, with guns blazing, they are intent on getting their man, no matter what and if an innocent bystander gets in the way - bad luck.  The word is that the Comancheros are preparing for civil war.

About 80 Comanchero members from three different clubs ambushed the newest Sydney chapter at Turella on Wednesday night with guns and torches.  They told the 20 members inside that their clubhouse was about to close and they had two choices - either defect to another club or hand back their patches (colours).  A number of men were bashed and one man known to police, took himself to Bankstown hospital with a broken jaw, nose and ribs.  But as usual, nobody knows anything so there's no point in asking.

South commander Mohammad "Mick" Hijazi became one of the country's highest ranking members likely to become national president. He set up the newest chapter in April but flew out to Lebanon when tensions grew among members, but the word is he's coming back to "sort it all out."

Last November, Comanchero Faalau Pisu was shot dead outside a wedding reception in Canley Vale and two days later John Devine, cousin of club president Mark Buddle, was lucky to survive serious gunshot wounds to the stomach.

Last month, police dismantled the gang's Milperra clubhouse and arrested four members, including Giacomo Dipizio.   He was charged with trying to blow up a hotel in Milperra last year and refused bail.

For a country who is supposed to be clever about gun control, we now have a huge problem with hand guns - they are pouring into the country from overseas undetected.  And gun control is like drug control, if you want it badly enough, there will always be a way to get it.