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Saturday, May 10, 2014

James and Erica Packer reunite at funeral

Paul Ramsay was sailing in Spain when he suffered a heart attack and after a short stay in a Spanish hospital, he was flown back to Australia but died shortly after on 1 May at Bowral.  He was 78 and single.

Mr Ramsay owned a 36.20 per cent of Ramsay Health Care, the business he founded when he was 28 years old in 1964.  He bought a guest house on the Sydney north shore  and converted it into a 16 bed private psychiatric hospital.  He later expanded into mainstream hospitals in 1978.  Today the company has more than 150 hospitals across five countries.  Mr Ramsay has left $3.3 billion to his charitable foundation and yesterday, his funeral was held in Bowral.

Erica and James Packer were pictured together for the first time since they separated last year.  They took a 45 minute helicopter flight with Seven Network chairman Kerry Stokes, his wife Christine and his son Ryan Stokes.

As the press gathered outside the church, anxious to catch a glimpse of the celebrities inside, an angry James Packer said "Guys, it's somebody else's funeral, it's not cool."  But it got worse.  Some unidentified twit asked him if he thought his fight with Gyngell had overshadowed Mr Ramsay's funeral.  "Excuse me?" he replied, "I'm here for Paul Ramsay who was a great man."

Once again our media have embarrassed themselves and proved they have little respect for anything.  Nothing is more important than a good story, including the funeral of a very generous man.