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Monday, May 26, 2014

Mark Bensley stands up for Christianity

When two young Muslim student teachers turned up for work wearing hijabs on their first day at Redlands College - a Christian school in Queensland - principal Mark Bensley wasn't having it and transferred them out.

The PC police took to social media and have been on his back ever since.  "Shame on you Redlands College" they said.  "This could have been a very good way to show Christian love and acceptance."

The two trainees, in their final year at university, were allocated positions to start their work placement at Redlands College.  Mr Bensley said he respected their right to wear the hijab but felt it was inappropriate at his school and transferred them to another school to complete their placement.

Principal Bensley wrote to parents "I have a duty of care to ensure that those teaching at the college are actively supporting the Christian principles, practices and beliefs of the College" he wrote. "I see the wearing of the hijab as openly acting in a manner that is contrary with these principles, practices and beliefs."

In contrast, two non-Muslim teachers from the Islamic College of South Australia were sacked because they refused to wear a hijab. The school issued a warning to female teachers - wear a hijab or risk being fired.

Keysar Trad

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it but Muslim spokesman Keysar Trad, doesn't think so, he's already jumping up and down. Trad is the man who tied up the courts for eight years because he thought he was insulted by a radio announcer.

Last December the NSW Court of Appeal found that when 2GB's Jason Morrison called Trad "a disgraceful and dangerous individual", he did not defame him.  Morrison said that Trad was "responsible for more misinformation about the Islamic community of the attitudes of Christian Australians, than any other person."

But it's not just Trad who has put Australians off, every night on the television news, the majority of men who are involved in the regular suburban shootings and crime in Sydney and Melbourne have Muslim names. And when a Muslim maniac kidnaps 300 schoolgirls in Africa, there is absolute silence.  Where are all these so-called 'Muslim Moderates', don't they watch the news and why don't they speak up and denounce these ratbags?  We no longer believe that Islam is "the religion of peace." 

It's time we stood up for ourselves and our way of life, and in my view, Mark Bensley is making an excellent start.