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Friday, May 2, 2014

Madeleine McCann isn't coming back

Kate and Gerry McCann are still clinging to the hope that Madeleine is still alive.  Although it's been seven years since the three year old was taken from her bed in Portugal while her parents dined at a nearby restaurant with friends, they haven't given up hope of seeing her again. If she isn't dead, the person or persons who know the truth should take pity on them and tell police where to find her body because they have surely suffered enough.

Kate McCann is in a very bad place and how she hasn't tipped over the edge into madness says a lot about her character.  Every year she goes back to Portugal to feel close to her daughter and 'walk those streets and look for answers.'

Police believe there was a mystery man in the vicinity at the time Madeleine went missing who had "a vile interest in young, white, female children."

The sick mind of the paedophile and this case have taught today's parents of young children well.  They no longer allow their child to enter a public toilet alone and worry about giving permission for a sleepover at a school friend's house.  And after the Robert Hughes trial, even putting a toddler to sleep in a bedroom at a private party is now a real concern.  

Nobody seems to be telling the McCanns there is a possibility that their little girl isn't coming back.  Their nightmare has been going on for seven years and for their own sanity, it's time police to put an end to their suffering and help them face the truth.